Hello beautiful reader, I am Rita. 

Welcome to my world!

I am a corporate professional and self-proclaimed stylishsta, who loves fashion, art, music, dance, reading, healthy eating (well I try my best  🙂 ) and workouts! 

I have always been fascinated and inspired by fashion, modeling and photography.

I love to put outfits together not only my “on the clock” professional outfits but also my “off the clock” outfits.

I always challenge myself to shop in my closet and create stylish outfits by using what I already got!  It feels good when I put my brain into it’s creative gear. 🙂

I believe, anyone can be stylish. Just follow one important thing – “dress according to your body type”. Dressing your best by knowing your body type makes you feel fabulous and boost your confidence.    

This blog is outlet of my creativity, styling passion and lifestyle. Hope you enjoy it!

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